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Thanks to Instructor Jenny Pacey for sharing this advice with us.

I feel so gummed up after a day of sitting at my desk, these are 10 of my favourite stick exercises and stretches to release my neck, back, hips, glutes, hamstrings, facia lines and shoulders

Seated neck stretch: breathe and melt into the stretch for 12-20 breathes

Floating cat cow

T spine opener: feels so good

Hip and lumber spine mobility

Hamstring opener: extend the leg gradually, go for 10 reps each leg

Downward dog reach: use the stick to increase intensity of the stretch

Glute stretch: flex the foot and gently externally rotate the knee

Hip, quad and shoulder stretch: try 5-10 reps

Forward fold complex: hold each position for 12-20 breaths, extend down through the crown of the head & decompress through the spine. Ground the feet and lift the hips. This feels so good on my hamstrings and spine